De Vrij Logistics focuses strongly on Warehousing and everything that comes with it. Value Added Logistics “, also known as VAL, is the collective name of many activities that are carried out in our warehouse. These activities related to “added value logistics” are carried out internally. By using Value Added Logistics we can perform operations on your goods. As your logistics service provider with its own customs department, we can, in some cases, even carry out these activities within our customs warehouse.

Customer specific VAL activities

A large part of the goods stored with us are processed to a greater or lesser extent. VAL activities are always customer specific. Together with you we put together your service package. The VAL activities are carried out by our employees in-house. This offers you the best guarantee for the best quality.

We add value to your goods!

Value Added Services

  • Order picking activities
  • Operations in return logistics
  • Compiling (inter) national orders
  • Label or relabel
  • Sorting
  • Price tagging
  • Quality controls
  • Assembly
  • Packing solutions